Torii- A Gate of Japanese Shrine Part II

My previous post describes some examples of rows of torii gates in Inari shrines.  I am going to present two more examples one in Tokyo and the other in Tsuwano, Shimane Prefecture.

Chiyoda Inari Shrine, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

If you go into one step inside Shibuya’s busy street, you can find this small shrine in a very quite spot.  It’s so quiet that you’ll forget that you are in Shibuya.  The origin of the shrine goes back to 1457 when Edo Castle was built in Tokyo by Dokan Ota.  After that, the shrine was removed to the current place in 1602.  It was destroyed by the earthquake and the war but overtime the shrine was rebuilt by the supporters in this area.

Address: 20-8 Dogenzaka 2-Chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Taikodani Inari Shrine, Tsuwano, Shimane Prefecture

This shrine was built in 1773 and during Edo era, only the domain lord could to visit and worship the god here.  It was after Meiji era (from 1868) that the general public were allowed to visit the Shrine.  The red-colored shrine buildings are vivid and striking in the middle of the green of the mountain.  The rows of torii are quite long.  They are along the slopes, so get ready to climb up to the top through torii gates to the Shrine!

For more information, JNTO website or Shimane’s site.


Address: 409 Ushiroda, Tsuwano-cho, Kanoashi-gun, Shimane

Tsuwano has a beautiful streetscape which brings you back to hundreds years ago.  I will write about this town in the near future.


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